Your Black Friend

Your Black Friend

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by Ben Passmore

An honest and open letter about race from your black friend.

In the post-script of the self-published version of Your Black Friend, Ben Passmore explained this comic is his part in “revealing ourselves to each other.” If you’re familiar with Ben’s work, he talks a lot about capitalism, racism, classism, and sexism. But unlike his other work, this is not couched in a fictional or philosophical premise, it is quite simply a letter to his white friends about his experiences.

White people can only know the effects of white supremacy at an arms length, we (I’m white) will never know the level of racism people of color have to deal with and that we inflict because of our whiteness. As Ben says in the comic, “black” is not a performance, and race is not an “issue,” they are each “an existential reality.” So Ben has written this comic in the second person, placing the perspective on the white reader, and writes his own perspective as one from an “other:”

DIMENSIONS: 5.5 x 8.5 x .125 in
PRINTED: full color throughout, saddle stapled.