I'm More Dateable than a Plate of Refried Beans

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And Other Romantic Observations

From comedian Ginny Hogan, this laugh-out-loud collection of humor observations explores all the ups and downs of modern romance.

Through hilarious, absurd-yet-relatable short stories, quizzes, over-think pieces, and more, Hogan details every stage of a modern relationship‚ from meeting on an app to becoming official, to breaking up or getting married, to being single.

Find out how to successfully ignore any and all red flags. Take a quiz to see if that anxiety attack you're having means you're in a new relationship or if it's that cold brew you just chugged. Read chilling tales about the unfortunate few who actually did lose their phones (they didn't mean to ghost you, they promise).

Begging to be shared with friends or sat next to your phone full of Tinder notifications, "I'm More Dateable than a Plate Of Refried Beans" the ultimate humor book for anyone who is dating or has ever dated.

SIZE: 6 X 9" 
PAGES: 240