Let's Go to the Mall

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An '80s Seek-and-Find

Put on your roller skates and relive the 1980s in this fantabulous activity book for adults and teens.
This retro twist on the seek-and-find book features 20 radical scenes of life in the eighties. Explore burger joints, video rental stores, and high school lunch tables, keeping an eye out for fanny packs, cassette players, and other fun hidden objects along the way. Delightfully detailed illustrations offer hours of entertainment, turning a nostalgic childhood activity into a perfect way to unwind after work or chill out with friends.
EIGHTIES NOSTALGIA: This is a perfect gift for adults who lived through the eighties and young people who are fascinated by retro aesthetics. Anyone who’s obsessed with the worlds of Stranger Things, Freaks and Geeks, and The Goldbergs will have endless fun poring over this activity book, which is full of clever references to the era.
WHERE'S WALDO REIMAGINED: Revisit a classic childhood activity with a sophisticated twist. This modern update features 20 gorgeous, immersive, highly detailed scenes, woven together by a light narrative. It's a book you'll return to over and over, to admire the art and enjoy the retro atmosphere.

SIZE: 9 X 12 V