Sketch Appeal

Sketch Appeal

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Sketch, reflect and express yourself like never before!

Sketch Appeal is a creative self-help book for the modern age. Through a series of simple portrait-based sketching challenges, self-taught drawer and self-care activist Dulcie Ball will help you to nurture, appreciate and celebrate the most important thing in your world - YOU!

This is not about getting 'good at art', it’s about embracing your inner child/artist on a regular basis to get better at LIFE! It is as much about drawing for fun as it is about improving your mental health through art and through being creative. And what better muse to focus on, than yourself?

As well as quick creative workouts to give you a daily fix of happy hormones, this book contains 12 core art challenges which are designed to boost your wellbeing and self-esteem over 12 weeks. The challenges are flexible and you can dip in and out: the most important thing is that you make a commit to yourself to enjoy some creative 'me me me time' on a regular basis.