Strong, Sweet and Bitter

Strong, Sweet and Bitter

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Your Guide to All Things Cocktails, Bartending and Booze from Behind the Bar

Strong, Sweet and Bitter is the debut cocktail recipe book from Cara Devine, hostess of the popular YouTube series Behind the Bar.

Diving into the fundamental ‘Flavor Triangle' of drink mixing, Strong, Sweet and Bitter reveals how flavor can help you craft a drink from just about anything on hand, from classic cocktails to their lesser-known but equally delicious counterparts.

It's never too late to learn the basics of cocktail-making, and this guide will help even the most experienced bartenders learn how to make a base from scratch. Cara also includes loads of helpful insights, from the science of ingredients and equipment to fun facts and the history of each drink – because who doesn't love a good story to go along with your cocktail?
Sectioned by cocktail-type, this book has a drink to match all moods and tastes.