Tank Girl Coloring Book

Tank Girl Coloring Book

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Illustrated by BRETT PARSONS

Assembled by Tank Girl writer Alan Martin himself, this is the ultimate DIY artbook for the Tank Girl fan with a full tank of colouring pencils and a half-cocked idea of how to put them together!

Cult favorite comic discussed in the hit Netflix show Sex Education

Go to town on classic black and white artwork from across 30 epic years of Tank Girl adventures, and deface masterpieces of linework from both original Tank Girl artist Jamie Hewlett and modern-day Tank Girl commander Brett Parson!

From punky paste-ups to explosive collages, this book collects the best Tank Girl artwork from the dawn of her career to the blazing midsummer’s day of her current tenure, all on an abrasively absorbent paperstock that’s rough on the arse but perfect for mopping up beer – or watercolours!

80 Pages
*Please note, contains occasional PG-13 levels of illustrated topless nudity.