Team Tremolo - "Conjured Light" Double Vinyl

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Released January 26, 2023
Runtime: 00:47:48
Double White Vinyl Release

"Spearheaded by multi-instrumentalist, co-producer and engineer Will Erickson, the project features guitar work from Kristyn Chapman (Cartwheel), Erickson and Zack Roach (Spirit of the Stairs, ex-Senses Fail). It also includes bass from Caleb Drummond (Dustin Arbuckle & The Damnations, Spirit of the Stairs) and keyboards from Monica Siegman and Joey Lemon. (Lemon was instrumental on a number of fronts with the LP, including in production and engineering, working closely with Jason Catlett.) Vocals, as on the band's EP "Intruder," were provided by Jenny Wood. 

Erickson began work on the album in 2019, collaborating heavily with Drummond and eventually presenting material to the other members in 2020 when the group convened to record the 10 songs that comprise "Conjured Light." The result is a deeply cathartic affair, featuring the outfit's signature dark Shoegaze sound and a host of sometimes enigmatic but always enlightening lyrics.

For Erickson, who has drummed with a variety of Wichita acts since his early teens, Team Tremolo is the realization of several dreams -- he serves as the bandleader and primary creative force -- including working in a creative environment with musicians he holds in high esteem. This also includes Ken Andrews of the band Failure, who mixed the LP. (Erickson cites Failure as a particularly strong influence.)" - KMUW's Jedd Beaudoin

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