VHS Horror Label Socks

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A throwback to simpler times, when one of your biggest decisions in life was what to sneak into the rental pile while the parents weren't looking…

Walk the aisles of the video rental store again! Our classic VHS Horror design gets a vintage update with video tapes (that’s VHS for you old-timers) and the familiar green Horror label on an orange background. Enjoy the super soft blend of these socks while you stream the scary classics.

  • 80% cotton / 3% spandex / 17% nylon
  • Comes banded and packaged in a poly bag
  • (Pro-Tip: to avoid shrinkage, line/hang dry is strongly suggested!) 

THE FEEL:  Our socks may be of the “one size fits most” variety, but they are wonderfully stretchy when it comes to length. That means a comfortable wear for you, and no super tight leg-cinching either! 

THE FIT: One size fits most.